4 Creative Ideas for Painting Your Garden Shed

4 Creative Ideas for Painting Your Garden Shed


With some clever use of paint, you can help your garden shed either blend in seamlessly or become a bold standout feature! Let us inspire you to create your very own garden shed masterpiece.

Garden sheds were once unloved, spider infested, and hidd...

Top 10 DIY Essential tools

Every home needs a basic DIY tool kit to resolve straight forward household issues as they arise. Such problems usually occur when you least expect it, so being equipped in advance is half the battle. No shed or toolbox is complete without the following 10 items. 


1. Tape Measure



Lawncare and Maintenance Tips



A rich green and healthy lawn sets off a home beautifully and can be a source of great pride but grass, like other plants, needs care and maintenance to thrive. Follow our handy guide to help you achieve the perfect lawn.

Grass needs air, sunlight, nutrients and...

Gardening Calendar


With so much to do in the garden each season throughout the year, our easy-to-follow gardening calendar is essential to help you know what should be done each month.




January is a quiet month for gardeners, which makes it an ideal time to plan your gardening tasks ...


With spring now upon us, here is our handy guide to help you choose the right power washer for outdoor spring cleaning.


What size pressure washer would suit my needs?

Pressure washer size is determined by the pressure it provides rather than physical dimensions, and this is measured in either t...

Job Vacancy - Retail Sales Assistant (Full Time)

We are looking for an energetic, dependable & organised Sales Assistant with great people skills. This is a good opportunity to become part of a progressive team and to work in one of the Top 30 stores in Ireland*.


Duties will include:

  • Advising and serving customers.
  • Till management & comput...
How to Clean & Maintain Your Stove

A multi-fuel stove can burn smokeless coal, wood or peat, which is why they are sometimes also referred to as solid-fuel stoves. We will show you the best way to clean and care for your matt or enamel stove as well as the glass in the door.
Stoves are now easier and cleaner to use than ever before. T...

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