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The Antique Wash Rectangular Wicker Lined Log Basket is handmade from natural willow and will make the perfect addition to your fireplace this season. It has strong rope handles and a removable washable canvas lining for easy cleaning. This beautiful basket will help keep a generous capacity of logs neat and tidy without compromising on style. During the summer months. it can double up as children's toy storage or as a laundry basket.
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The Homefire Kiln Dried Logs are dried to an average moisture content under 20% - making them very dry indeed. Logs are from managed woodlands and are sold in convenient sized bags. Hardwood will burn slowly and efficiently. Hardwood logs provide both the warmth and that distinctive aroma only a real wood fire can give. Approx. 8Kg
From €5.00
ECOAL Smokeless Fuel produces up to 80% less smoke than house coal, is easy to light, generates a high heat and banks well over night. Larger sized smokeless ovoid containing up to 30% biomass materials available in convenient 20kg bag size. Can be burned in open fires and glass fronted stoves, it produces similar performance to Supertherm but with even better environmental credentials. Please note- this product is being re-branded from Supertherm30 to eCoal in late 2021. You may receive ecoal or Supertherm30 packaging but the product is exactly the same.
From €12.00
Highest quality and best performing firewood, Homefire kiln-dried hardwood logs give fantastic results every time. Approx. 21Kg
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A high-energy, next generation fuel, these ultra dry wood briquettes provide an attractive flame and sustained heat output.
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Burns hotter and longer than wood and turf.
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Cosyglo is Ireland's original smokeless fuel. It is a HETAS approved, manufactured in Co. Roscommon, smokeless fuel suitable for both stoves and open fires. It combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, is slow burning and offers real value for money but it’s also low in ash and very efficient.
From €11.25
The Arigna Ecobrite Smokeless Fuel - 20kg is a compact, slow burning, smokeless fuel for cookers, stoves and room heaters. Its clean, regular sized ovoid’s provide long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat.
From €10.00
This fire blanket can be used for extinguishing fat fires on kitchen stoves, camping trips and BBQs Made from a high-quality fibre glass material, it's quick and easy to use Size: 1m x 1m
The Firebloc - 1kg offers great value and gives over two hours of burn time, giving you warm attractive flames and keeping you warm.
From €1.25
The Woodflame Starter Firelog - 700g offers great value and burns up to 2 hours, providing you with warm attractive flames and keeping you warm.
From €1.00
The Flamers 6 Smokeless Wood Logs – consist of six logs that are manufactured from 100% recycled, compressed wood. They are a natural smokeless fuel with no additives or binders. These Wood Logs are suitable for burning in all fires including stoves, open fires and commercial heating systems. These smokeless logs are manufactured in Ireland and are environmentally friendly. They also provide a high heat fast with a low ash content.
From €4.25
A fully renewable, carbon tax free solid fuel manufactured in Ireland. Suitable for open fires and stoves.
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Homeglow Smokeless Coal Briquettes are a high heat coal that produces low ash. These are suitable for both open fires and glass fronted stoves. This coal is suitable for smokeless zones and can also be banked overnight.
From €3.33
The Large Netted Logs are a mixture of Softwoods. They are predominantly Pine. They typically burn cleaner. They tend to burn more rapidly with a high, hot flame.
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The Sirocco Nursery Fire Guard is an extendable fire guard that has been designed to help protect young children and pets from open fires or stoves when they are lighting. It is easy to assemble and fits fireplaces with a minimum width of 87cm and maximum width of 160cm. The guard can also be secured to a wall with fixings provided so there is no movement of the guard once it is put in place.
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The Premium Energy Wood Pellets - 15Kg are made from the best sustainably sourced virgin pine and spruce timber. Premium wood pellets conform /exceed Din plus standards. Using our wood pellets as a fuel source greatly reduces greenhouse gases over traditional fossil fuels.
From €6.00
The Sirocco Double Chamber Ash Vac - 25ltr is ideal for cleaning cold ashes from fireplaces, BBQs, stoves, etc. It has been cleverly designed with a built-in powerful 1200w powered motor and a three filter system for improved performance. There is a large fabric bag filter, a hepa filter and a metal filter for ultimate dust breakdown.
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